About us

inFshn.com is a modern internet platform that aims to gather the best independent fashion designers from all over the world. We offer unique clothing, shoes and accessories, carefully selected by our experinced team.

 inFshn.com is an international endeavour. We want to promote designers at both, the domestic and foreign markets. At the same time it is important to us to give our customers easy access to products created by artists from around the world. 

Our goal is to build lasting relationships between designers and customers. This is why in addtition to presenting artists' offers, we also focus on introducing their profiles and showing how they understand fashion.

inFshn.com is a place created for people with true interest in fashion. Specially for them we have created a blog with the history of fashion, current trends and tips for clothing and styling.

 At inFshn.com we combine a passion for fashion and creation with innovative technology and consistent business strategy. Transactions are made between the designer and buyer, while inFshn.com mediates them, guaranteeing the highest quality of customer service. We make every effort to ensure that shopping in inFshn.com is carried out quickly and efficiently. Our team will answer all your questions and help you solve every problem.