A men’s briefcase – how to choose?

A men’s briefcase is one of the most pronounced accessories for men. It is unequivocally associated with the attribute of medical doctors, lawyers, and other noble occupations. A man with a briefcase, especially a high-quality model, comes across as a redoubtable and reliable person. The purchase of one that is solid and made of good-quality materials is thus an investment, which will be earning interest over the course of years.

A men’s briefcase is not only an addition to the outfit which is supposed to impress others. It is an item which, first and foremost, has to fulfill certain practical functions. Its tasks are the storage and the protection of important documents as well as the storage of inherent elements of our daily lives such as a wallet or a mobile phone. Even though a man never needs as many things as a woman does, there should be space in his briefcase for a variety of knick-knacks. Ideally, a men’s briefcase is thus a combination of high quality of production, a tasteful and elegant look as well as high functionality.
Types of men’s briefcases

A men’s briefcase has got a rectangular shape, it is carried in one’s hand or on one’s shoulder, and it is able to hold A4 documents. Also, it is often made of genuine leather. This is the basic definition of a briefcase. However, there can be found a number of types of briefcases under this definition which have got a different application and style. Namely, we can specify: flat briefcases, executive briefcases, messenger bags, vertical messenger bags, doctor’s bags, and waist bags.
1) A flat briefcase
In the past, this type was used by most lawyers and businessmen for carrying documents. Currently, it is an inherent element for every man who emphasizes classic style and timeless elegance. Traditional flat briefcases do not come in large sizes and they can hold a small bundle of documents. However, there exist more up-to-date versions that are adjusted to the continuous and never-ending bureaucratization of our lives, which forces us to carry an increasing number of documents. Moreover, a larger briefcase is able to hold a laptop, a tablet, and our packet lunch. Additionally, briefcases have got smaller pockets for knick-knacks and special compartments for pens and a mobile phone.
2) An executive briefcase
An executive briefcase has got an extremely characteristic appearance, due to the fact that it resembles a smaller suitcase with a regular rectangular shape. This type of briefcase connotes businessmen and gangsters, thus two lines of work that have got access to large amounts of money. In films executive briefcases are usually used for carrying large sums of money and they are connected to their owners’ hands with metal handcuffs. Even though reality is usually different from what we can see in thrillers, executive briefcases are mostly used for carrying important and valuable things. Thus, they are made of durable materials and are often reinforced by the application of a special chassis made of synthetic fabric or aluminum. Additionally, they may have combination locks protecting them from the access of strangers.
3) A messenger bag
It is large and capacious just like a postman’s bag. A messenger bag is similar in appearance to a postman’s bag and also has got certain connections as far as the name is concerned. It possesses a long strap so that it can be carried on one’s shoulder as well as a number of compartments, in which we can place different types of items. It is less elegant than a flat briefcase as well as an executive briefcase but it is very practical. Thus, journalists and travelers are the people who choose this type of bag more often than bankers or lawyers.
4) A vertical messenger bag
Vertical messenger bags come in smaller sizes than flat briefcases or messenger bags. Despite of that fact, there are many models which are able to hold A4 documents. In contrast to other types of men’s briefcases, they are taller and wider. They have got a long strap, which can be worn aslant. They are also equipped with small pockets for pens, a mobile phone, and other types of knick-knacks.
5) A doctor’s bag
It is a large and extremely capacious bag which was traditionally connected with the job of a medical doctor. Nowadays, it is used not only by medical doctors, but also by all men who need a solid briefcase – not only for documents. A doctor’s bag has got the shape of a trapezium which is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top and which has got a characteristic fastener – a gaping mouth which makes it easy to see into the bag. Thus, it is a different model from the one used by medics in the 19th century.
6) A waist bag
One can argue that a men’s waist bag is not exactly a type of men’s briefcase but rather is a counterpart of a women’s clutch. It can hold the most essential items, such as a wallet or a mobile phone, which very often stick out of men’s pockets. In the past, it was thought to be an attribute of older men, currently, it is modeled on the catwalks and is a part of prominent fashion designers’ collections. Men’s waist bags made of genuine leather display high quality of production, tell of one’s good taste, and are appropriate to be combined with an elegant outfit.

A men’s briefcase should be, first and foremost, durable, resistant, and have a nice appearance. Whether it will match this definition depends mostly on the material as well as the way of production. It is worth spending more money on a genuine leather briefcase, due to the fact that it will last for a couple of years as well as the exploitation and the time will not take their toll on its appearance.
The material that is most often used in the production of men’s briefcases is genuine leather. Not only does it look well, but also it is extremely durable – these are the basic characteristics. Unfortunately, genuine leather is expensive as well, especially the highest-quality one. An alternative may be eco leather that is in fact a synthetic fabric, whose appearance resembles genuine leather. Unfortunately, it does not possess its qualities. It is not as durable and as pleasant to the touch. There are also sports briefcases made of such materials as denim, cloth, or synthetic fibres.

The quality of production of a certain men’s briefcase is usually dependent on such details as seams, fasteners, and buckles. We should especially pay attention to the first from the enumerated elements. Seams can be jagged but they cannot split. It would be best if they were laminated or additionally glued for protection. Elements such as clasps, buckles, and other types of fasteners should be made of metal and not of flimsy plastic.
A men’s briefcase ought to be practical, adjusted to its purpose as well as represent the style of its owner, and be of good quality. For carrying important documents at work the best option will be an elegant flat briefcase made of genuine leather or a durable executive briefcase with a combination lock. The retro style lovers, who do not have to carry huge bundles of documents but only have to carry a wallet and a mobile phone, can restrain themselves to a stylish waist bag. A classic solution is also a men’s vertical messenger bag, which will be able to hold slightly more but, of course, it will not be as capacious as a doctor’s bag. This original briefcase will probably tickle men’s fancy – especially these who like to stand out. By contrast, men who prefer a more casual style on a daily basis will surely choose a messenger bag, which guarantees extreme convenience and practicality.

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