How to choose ideal bridal shoes?

Cinderella has proved the importance of shoes in a woman’s life. They should be comfortable, thus you should be able to dance the night away, and additionally they should ideally fit so that the prince will not have any problems in finding their owner. Each one of us will need such a pair of shoes on the most important day of our lives – for the first dance with the beloved one and for the wonderful celebration with the closest ones. From the first steps towards the altar to the last dance at the afters bridal shoes have to make the bride’s feet look beautiful, have to be extremely comfortable as well as have to be a support for her during the wildest dances. It is worth devoting more time to finding bridal shoes that will fulfill all the above-mentioned requirements.

In case of bridal shoes, the height of the heel is important due to a couple of reasons. The first reason is comfortableness, which we should feel for the whole day and night, during the official wedding as well as the less official wedding reception. Thus, the purchase of extremely high-heeled shoes is not a good idea, unless we have another pair on tap, one which we will use right after the wedding photo shoot. Women who are not used to high heels should not choose them as their bridal pair. If you wear flats or sneakers on a daily basis, the wedding is not the best day for learning how to walk in high heels. It would be better to choose a compromise – a firm five-centimeter heel.
The decision concerning the height of the heel should be made considerably early, as the length of the bridal dress will be dependent on it. At the second fitting we should already be equipped with our bridal shoes. In case of a long bridal dress, toe boxes should be sticking out. However, one should also pay attention to the fact that the brims of the dress should not be lying on the floor because the whole lower part will immediately become dirty.
The last aspect, which should be taken into consideration, is the height of our husband-to-be. If he is shorter or matches our height, high heels are not going to be a good choice. Flats or low heels are more often chosen by brides, who appreciate comfortableness and good fun over tortures caused by beautiful, yet uncomfortable shoes that may cause laceration.

Bridal shoes can be made of genuine leather or eco leather, sateen, satin, and jacquard. Genuine leather shoes adjust easily to the foot’s shape as well as are extremely elegant and durable. Synthetic fabric is not elastic and thus it is more difficult to find a comfortable model of bridal shoes. However, it is possible to match them with the fabric of the bridal dress. Regardless of the chosen fabric, we will have to wear them in. Even the most elastic leather will require a couple of attempts in order to adjust to our body. At the worst, if it turns out that the shoes are, in fact, useless, we will have time to purchase a second pair.
The sole is an important element of the bridal shoes as well. It has to be necessarily light and inconspicuous. One should also pay attention to the fact that it should have a slightly rough surface, owing to which the shoes will not be sliding on the floor.

In the past, the only colour that was acceptable in case of bridal shoes was white. Currently, we can afford to wear a variety of crazy models by choosing for example shoes in the colour of our bouquet, the bridegroom’s suit, or the bridesmaid’s dress.
A more traditional colour is nude. Shoes that are nude will make our legs look slimmer and longer. Moreover, they are a very practical solution since they match almost everything and can be used numerous times. Owing to this, we can afford to purchasemore expensive shoes, yet of better quality.


Bridal shoes can be both totally smooth and devoid of any kind of accessories or extremely ornate with an array of details. Our choice will be dependent mostly on our private taste as well as the bridal dress. If it is simple, then extremely ornate shoes will diverge from the overall bridal outfit. It is better to decide to wear equally simple shoes or with only one detail matching the character of the bridal dress. In case of an ornate outfit, we can afford to wear fancy shoes. However, it is important not to exaggerate as well as it would be advisable to choose accessories made of a similar fabric.


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