How to choose a belt?

Belts are universal additions to our clothing and they fulfill a number of functions. The first is the aesthetic function – we can find an array of such accessories on the market. Each of them has a different shape, size, colour, and may become an exquisite supplement to our outfit. The main task of belts is supporting trousers or dresses that are too loose, owing to which we do not have to worry that they will slide from our hips. Apart from that, these fine elements of clothing are a superb idea for a gift for a close person or an acquaintance. This small element is useful for everyone, thus it will surely be a great present, especially if we choose it in accordance with the tips presented below.

Types of belts:
The producers supply the market with a great number of belts, among which we are able to find such types as:
men’s belts – these are belts typically worn by men, they are usually made of genuine leather or imitation leather. Soft colours as well as simple and regular cuts dominate here. Alternatively, the buckles may have certain embellishments on them.
women’s belts – these are the most diversified products which are available in a variety of hues and colours as well as in a variety of thicknesses and cuts. They are produced from a variety of materials – genuine leather, silk, string etc. There can be braided belts, double belts, those very wide ones, double wrap belts, with bows, jets, zirconias, trimming, or studs.
children’s belts – they are usually made of cloth. They very often have got funny prints with characters from cartoons, they have got colourful buckles and are available in all colours.
belts for teenagers – they stand out with their originality. They are often intentionally jagged and with abrasions, due to the fact that their main task is to make their users stand out to a greater extent.
universal belts – they can we worn both by men and women. They are usually produced from genuine leather or cloth and they are in very soft colours such as dark or light brown, grey, or black.
The division of belts according to the material from which they were produced:
– pigskin leather
– calfskin leather
– sheepskin leather
– horseskin leather
– buffaloskin leather
– reptileskin leather
– imitation leather
– synthetic fabrics
– braided faux leather
– eco leather
– rubber
– metal
– with nickel plates
– lace
Useful information concerning belts:
1) our belt should not be in the same hue as our shoes or purse
2) a genuine leather belt perfectly matches a genuine leather shoes
3) a belt for your suit should be made of genuine leather and have a subtle buckle
4) suede, braided, and cloth belts are perfect for informal meetings and events
5) wide belts conceal the drawbacks of our figure
6) the belt cannot be too tight – it should be loosely clinging to the body and enable free movement
7) belts that are worn below the breast line will optically elongate our legs
8) braided belts are a perfect supplement to out outfits
9) a big and embellished buckle is extremely eye-catching
10) a pronounced belt with ornaments can be a replacement for jewelry
11) a well-fitted belt will emphasize our waistline
12) genuine leather belts are perfect gifts for family members, friends, and acquaintances
The purchase of a belt seemingly appears to be a simple task. However, in practice it turns out that a great number of people have no idea what to choose. The basic issue is realizing with what types of outfits we will match our accessories as well as considering the purpose of our purchase. Whether we want to possess an interesting accessory, which will be a cool and interesting accent in our outfit, or whether we need a strong and elegant belt, which will be perfect for supporting out trousers or a skirt. In the first case, we are able to show off a bit – we can choose from a variety of colours, shapes as well as lengths. In the second case – it would be better to choose classic genuine leather pieces. If we want to choose a gift for a close person, we should also pick traditional genuine leather belts with a nice and simple buckle, which will tickle the recipient’s fancy.

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