How to choose an appropriate dress for figure type?

Dresses have always been seen as the most feminine element of women’s wardrobe. Unfortunately, not all dresses which perfectly fit a model or a friend will fit our figure as well. There are a number of basic rules for choosing an appropriate dress for figure type – and each woman should familiarize herself with them.

How to choose an appropriate dress for figure type?
Every woman possesses a slightly different type of figure. She is satisfied with some of its attributes and there are some that she would like to conceal. A dress is such an element of wardrobe that is ideal for clever modeling of our figure, emphasizing its advantages as well as clever concealment of the shortcoming. Thanks to the fact that there exists an abundance of cuts, there is a solution for each type of problem.
Evening dresses and daytime dresses for women with the hourglass body shape
Hourglass is one of the most feminine types of figure characterized by ample breasts, wide hips as well as a visible waistline.
Dresses dedicated to this type of body shape should have a close-fitting top and emphasize breasts. The best would be heart-shaped neckline or V neck dresses. Dresses that expose shoulders would be inadvisable here. What is important here is the emphasis places on the narrow waistline. Thus, one should consider bows and darts placed on its level. A good choice would be a corset top which ensures an appropriate support for the ample breasts and a maximal emphasis placed on the waistline. The bottom of such a dress can be flared, which will add character in the style of Marylin Monroe, or can be close-fitting, which will highlight the feminine figure.
Evening dresses and daytime dresses for women with the pear body shape
The pear body shape is characterized by narrow, delicate shoulders as well as wide, feminine hips.
Dresses dedicated to women with this type of body shape should, first and foremost, balance the proportions between shoulders and hips. Thus, the emphasis should be placed on elements that will widen the shoulders: puff sleeves, ribbons, bows, and other types of adornments. We can also optically balance the figure with the use of colours. Both light and vibrant colours should be in the upper part of the dress, whereas the bottom should be darker and softer.
Evening dresses and daytime dresses for women with the apple body shape
A woman with this type of body shape has got the upper body part bigger than the lower body part. The chest, shoulders, and back create a disproportion in comparison to narrow hips and slim legs. A woman with this type of body shape does not necessarily have to be overweight. However the asymmetry of the body creates an impression of heaviness. Thus, she should choose shorter dresses which expose slim legs. They should not be too close-fitting, a better solution would be flowing fabrics that would subtly conceal the crucial parts of our figure. By contrast, such a person should emphasize the narrowest place in the upper body part, thus the bra line. Such raised waistline will additionally slim the figure down.
– Evening dresses and daytime dresses for a women with petite figure
Petite figure is extremely small, delicate, and flimsy. It is characterized by narrow shoulders, narrow waistline, and small buttocks.
One of the ways of adding some roundness to the figure is, first of all, the use of layers. Thus, all of the dresses consisting of a number of layers of fabric will be ideal here. The desired elements will be draping, frills, and lace. A woman that has petite figure will look good both in a girlish dress and in a more feminine type of dress. The body parts that are worth emphasizing are slim legs and small breasts.

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