How to conceal the shortcomings of our figure with the help of a dress?

Some women have got figure that does not match any type of body shapes. Additionally, they can struggle against additional problem which may lead to complexes and does not allow them to experiment with clothes. However, the knowledge of a couple of basic tips, which will magically conceal everything that we do not like in our figure, will be enough.

Small breasts
Small breasts are not a reason why ladies should resign from dresses and feminine appearance for sure. In fact, it is the other way round, it is precisely to them that the following elements are dedicated – low necklines, strapless or halter dresses, to which we cannot wear a bra. We can divert attention from small breasts with the use of appropriate textures and patterns. A good choice will be dresses whose upper part is made of fabric that is strongly draped.
Ample breasts
Even though ample breasts are seen as an attribute of femininity desired by men, it may sometimes add heaviness to the figure and cause problems with the choice of an appropriate stylisation. Ample breasts look great in dresses with neckline which, of course, cannot be worn for all types of occasions. In order to avoid looking provocatively, we can choose a dress with wider shoulder straps, V-neck dresses, and those close-fitting in the waistline. By contrast, ample breasts will look terrible in turtleneck dresses or dresses with stand-up collars. Such women should avoid big patterns and adornments somewhere around breasts.

  Wide hips and thighs
The best solution for the problems connected with wide hips and thighs are dresses in the style of the 50s with knee-length flared bottom. They are ideal for exposing slim calves and concealing the body parts of which the wearer is not proud. Additionally, these types of dresses are worth wearing with high heels or wedges, due to the fact that these dresses can shorten our stature. Women with flat abdomens can also try miracle dresses, which thanks to the in-built stripes will optically slim the figure down. A-line dresses as well as dresses made of close-fitting, fine materials should be avoided.
  Protruding abdomen
Women who are not pleased with their abdomen should wear, first of all, evening dresses and daytime dresses which are flared from the bra line. The cut known as “baby doll” will emphasize breasts and conceal the protruding abdomen. When a woman is able to additionally show her slim legs off, she should choose a length that ends just above the knees, thus slim calves will catch most of the attention. By contrast, the worst possible choice would be close-fitting tube dresses with horizontal stripes. Additionally, she should also avoid a length that ends below the knees, which will optically shorten her stature and distort the proportions at the same time.

  Wide shoulders
The basic solution is the creation of balance in one’s figure. Thus, one should choose dresses which will slightly widen the narrow hips and in this way balance the proportions between the upper body part and the lower body part. An ideal solution will be models whose bottom is made of layered frills as well as bubble dresses. For casual stylisations we can wear plain shirt dresses. Of course, we should avoid everything which can additionally widen the shoulder line, thus puff sleeves, boat necklines, shoulder pads as well as adornments.
Short stature
Women that have got short stature and petite figure should choose close-fitting tube dresses which look great especially in a combination with high heels. For office a good choice would be pencil dresses which enable the creation of an elegant and professional stylisation. By contrast, long dresses or those ending below the knees will not be a good idea here.


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