How to wear a baseball jacket?

The most classic way of wearing the baseball jacket is to combine it with a t-shirt, washed-out jeans, and sneakers. The stylisation referring to the 1980s is casual and unisex. We can wear such an outfit on a daily basis when we are concerned about out comfort.

However, this universal stylisation can be slightly diversified. In case of women by sheer, romantic dress and sandals or flats. Such a combination of feminine elements with a sports jacket will slightly diversify our outfit and will be ideal for a date or during a social meeting with friends. On the other hand, the sexiness of the stylisation will be created by high heels worn to match tight-fitting skinny trousers or leggings.


Men can choose from a slightly narrower scope, however, they can create a stylisation referring to the university style. A pair of jeans ought to be replaced with trousers made of soft fabric and the t-shirt ought to be replaced with a polo shirt. These will match casual shoes well, however, you should be careful not to choose an overly elegant pair. In such a semi-official outfit you can go to school, on a date as well as you can wear it during a family dinner.


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