How to make your legs look slimmer?

Shapely calves and slim thighs – many women dream about them. It is not easy to shape these parts of the body, it requires a lot of work and consistency. If the nature gave us short, massive legs, very often even a diet and exercises do not help. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter that we should deal with the problem and give up. It is enough to start choosing suitable clothes – that which make our legs look much slimmer. Below, we present some helpful fashion tips thanks to which legs will look much slimmer and well-shaped.

High heeled shoes and wedge-heeled shoes

Women with massive calves definitely need to accustom to wearing high heeled shoes. It is the best way to lose a few centimetres in size and add lightness to our appearance. But not only a high of the heel is important but also style of the shoes. The best are thigh-high boots on the platform, or court shoes with a low-cut front and Cuban heel, cone heel or a wedge heel. Spike heels are not recommended because they contrast with thick ankles. The worst things we can choose are all types of shoes standing out from the calves, that is boots as well as shoes with a strap around the ankle. By marking horizontal lines we produce an opposite effect – our ankles look thicker and we unnecessarily direct attention to these parts of our legs.

Flared dresses and skirts

Tight dresses and skirts are not for women who want to make their legs look slimmer. Craving to hide imperfections of the body we should turn to knee-length models with the flared bottoms. It would be a crime to put on a calf-length skirt. In such models even the slimmest legs do not look good. Also, it is very important to choose a suitable material of a dress or a skirt. Slimming clothes made from waving fabrics that fall freely add lightness to the legs and the whole figure looks more feminine.



We can make our calves look slimmer by wearing suitable tights. The best are those in dark colours and with vertical patterns, like back seam tights or tights with vertical stripes. Such slimming cloth combined with a flared skirt is a great basis for an outfitin 50’s style. Women with massive calves and thighs do not look good in glossy tights, tights in bright colours and in those with horizontal or big, geometrical patterns.


If you cannot pride yourself on thin, slender legs, forget about wearing skinny trousers and leggings. They show up imperfections of the figure making our legs look fat and heavy. However, wearing loose trousers and flares we can hide unnecessary centimetres at the hips. You can trust classical cuts with straight legs and elegant trousers with high waist and with creases. What is more, all vertical patterns produce slimming effect. When it comes to the length of the trousers, you should avoid capri pants, tapering trousers and all other cuts ending above the ankle. Woman with massive legs should wear trousers covering shoes – thanks to them legs look longer and slimmer.

Swimsuits and underwear

Masculine cuts of swimsuits and underwear (shorts and boxer shorts) do not improve appearance of women’s legs. Actually, they are good only for women with boyish shape figure. Maybe it is hard to believe but the bigger cut-outs are on the sides of the underwear, or bikini, the better our legs look. Thanks to this type of slimming clothes, legs seem to be much longer, lighter and slender.



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