Asymmetrical swimsuits for fashion lovers

In fashion like in life – one thing passes and something new appears. Now, the catwalks are dominated by asymmetry. It can be observed in projects of outwear, casual clothes, summer clothes and clothes worn during holidays. An asymmetrical swimsuit became very popular and now it is the synonym of what we can call fashion must-have piece. Before the first sunrays appear, it is good to go through an offer of young and creative fashion designers who offer innovative solutions and interesting designs of swimsuits.

Types of the asymmetrical swimsuits:

Among these remarkable items of clothing is wide diversity of shapes, colours and types. We can find there:

– two-piece swimsuits – here asymmetry appears in the upper and lower part of the clothing. A bra can have one strap, often decorated with a flower. In clothes shops we can also find models with asymmetry on knickers with interesting cut-outs, attracting attention to hips and waist.

– one-piece swimsuits – they are the most diverse. The asymmetry appears in the form of one strap, cut-outs on hips but also as straps going diagonally down from the top on the back as well as on a belly.

– monokini – the name is given to the group of swimsuits worn on one shoulder. They can be more or less cut out and decorated.


Merits of the asymmetrical swimsuits:

At first glance, many people may think that the asymmetrical swimsuit is completely impractical or even useless. It turns out that this type of garment has many merits worth mentioning:

– Forming desired body shape – owing to the fact that the asymmetrical swimsuits can be found in diverse combinations and variants, it is easy to find the one drawing attention away from possible imperfections.

  • swimsuit with high-cut panties – helps to hide lack of waistline
  • swimsuit with asymmetric cut-outs makes a figure look slimmer
  • swimsuit with one strap – draws attention to the upper part of the body, emphasises breasts, cleavage, slim neck
  • swimsuit with a narrow strap on a belly – makes a figure look taller and slimmer, emphasises pretty, flat belly
  • swimsuit with a low neckline – focuses attention on the breasts, draws attention away from the lower part of the body


– Directing attention to the greatest merits of the body shape – many women that have problems with their figures do not decide to buy swimsuits and present them on a beach. Some women want to hide their bodies and choose shapeless, baggy swimsuits, which can emphasise possible defects. In such case, the swimsuit with asymmetrical cut-outs is a perfect solution! Every woman, no matter what size she is, can find a perfect cut in which she will look attractive and feel beautiful.


– Following trends – not long ago the fashion for asymmetry reappeared on the catwalks and from the beginning it aroused great interest. If fashion is your hobby, if you like being up-to-date and follow latest trends, the asymmetrical swimsuit is for you!


A well-chosen swimsuit can cause that the beach will be your favourite place, where you will feel good, attractive and feminine. Asymmetrical cuts were created to allow every woman to find a perfect swimsuit, emphasising assets and hiding possible defects of the figure. The asymmetrical swimsuits are available in all colours, patterns and variants. The most popular type is monokini. Also, very popular are one-piece swimsuits with many cut-outs and swimsuits in unique combinations. The widest choice of these unusual items of clothing can be found among the projects of young fashion designers. Apart from creative solutions they offer high quality of materials and finest workmanship.


Małgorzata Ciorgoń

copywriter, content manager

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