Skirt and sweater – timeless trend

This year’s autumn fashion is quite obstreperous and changeable but at the same time very feminine. As it turned out, the dominant trend at the major fashion shows throughout the world was combination of a skirt and a sweater. This classic and well-known stylisation was refreshed and the rules concerning combining these two items of clothing were effectively broken.

Fashion designers experimented, departed from conventional combinations and created a new quality of the autumn fashion, distinguished by freshness and charisma. Thanks to it, an outfit made of a skirt and a sweater gained originality but at the same time it is still a combination we like and in which we feel good and secure. It is a stylisation suitable for going to work, to a party or for an autumn walk in a city. Everything depends on how we put together these two elements and on this matter fashion designers gave us a chance to show what we can do.


On the other hand, a sweater and a skirt – particularly the short one – are two contrasting elements which can harmonize and look great or look awful when put together. Choosing them we have to remember about our body proportions. In badly completed outfit, which does not fit our figure, we will not look good. If we combine all elements and create a harmonious whole, we won’t do any harm to our figure, and what’s more, we can emphasise its positive aspects.


In combination with a skirt, the best are classic braid sweaters. They can be worn with fitted pencil skirts as well as with flared skirts. To the very feminine skirt we can add more ‘masculine’ sweater. In this way, we can add variety to our autumn stylisations.


An outfit completed with a skirt and a sweater can be very elegant, if we choose clothes made from the best quality materials, in classic style and subdued colours. Combination of an evening silk skirt and fitted cashmere sweater allows us to feel extremely elegant, feminine and comfortable.


When creating casual stylisation, we can freely choose and mix colours and patterns. Following trends created by famous fashion designers we can experiment with clothes. We can forget about all rules which forbid putting together various, vivid patterns. It has changed. This year’s autumn fashion focuses on combining contrast elements.


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