Black and white – a classic trend always in fashion

The most durable elements in the world of fashion – are black and white colours. This is a classic combination which is immensely elegant and chic but with an appropriate stylisation it may also be very rowdy and feisty. Its timelessness is based on the ability to adjust to the continuously changing fashion trends. Owing to that, each woman is able to create such a combination of white and black which will ideally suit her style and character.

The universality of the black and white trend


The black and white trend allows both to have a breather from the medley of colours as well as to easily choose an outfit for each occasion. By combining white and black colours we are able to model our body shape in a superb way or to take away a couple of centimetres in crucial places. Another advantage of this fashion trend is the fact that it does not require an endless number of clothes. It is enough to invest in two good-quality elements, one in black colour and the other one in white colour.

Black and white for every day


The most obvious combination will be black trousers and a white t-shirt. It is an ideal everyday stylisation which can be used whenever we have no idea what to wear, or no time to combine all the well-matching elements, or when we feel the need for a little bit of simplicity and classic combinations. However, it does not mean that this type of combination should be associated with boredom and lack of creativity. White t-shirts can be extremely vibrant and may have a lot of character nowadays. Also, a longer white tunic in a combination with black skinny trousers or leggings will provide us with a good solution to the “I’ve got nothing to wear” situation.

Black and white for official occasions


White and black are Coco Chanel’s favourite combination. She was the most competent fashion designer in the field of chic and stylishness. She used to say: “Women think of all colours except the absence of colour. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony. Ask women on balls to dance in white and black: only they will be visible.” It was owing to her that the little black dress was created. The fashion designer loved to combine it with white accents, from simple jackets, to pearls, to artificial jewellery. The black and white trend likes geometrical shapes, simple cuts, and classic combinations.

Małgorzata Ciorgoń

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