Preppy style for women

A woman wearing clothes in the preppy style is a modern, self-confident, intelligent connoisseur of art, literature, and politics. She likes fashion and is not bothered by trends which rapidly become out of fashion, she prefers timeless classic. She chooses classic cuts and is not afraid to get slightly crazy with the use of colour and original pattern.


Polo shirts and classic shirts – sporty polo shirts referring to the outfits intended for playing tennis both in traditional white colour as well as pink and sky blue. Shirts which are well-fitting and are kept in the same colour scheme.

Vests and pullovers – both cotton vests and pullovers put on shirts are extremely preppy. Patterns such as plaid or rhombuses as well as pronounced colours are very advisable.


Jackets – sporty and short jackets with one button to button. The most classic colour is dark blue, however, it is also possible to use clothes which are in pink, red, yellow as well as green.

Dresses and skirts – also inspired by prestigious sports – tennis and golf. The ideal choices will be short pleated skirts both in neutral beige as well as juicy colours such as dark blue, green, and pink.


Trousers – the most characteristic of preppy look are chinos which in a version for women are also sometimes called 7/8 trousers.

Shoes – in this pretty sporty style you should rather apply flat shoes. During the autumn/winter time these will be flat knee-high boots or regular boots, whereas, during the spring/summer time you can wear flats, loafers, flat plimsolls as well as boat shoes.


Accessories – both classic silver or golden jewellery and a single string of pearls will work just fine. The characteristic accessories for preppy style are also one-colour hairbands which add some girlish charm to a woman’s appearance.

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