Fashion trend only for brave – crop tops

Bare bellies were in fashion in the 1990s, when regardless of occasion, age and folds of fat around waist, women were not ashamed to show their bodies. Like most of the fashion trends from that times, also this one went out of date. But people who thought that crop tops will never be back were completely mistaken and probably could not believe their eyes, when in 2012 summer season at the shows organized by the most famous fashion designers they saw models with bare bellies. The crop top returned not just for a moment but it became essential part of summer collections.

Once, crop tops were equated with kitsch. But it has changed. At present, the crop top trend is less extravagant because it do not require baring too much and even deter from doing that. Opponents of this trend are afraid of its vulgarity but it is far from that – it is feminine and sexy. Nevertheless, wearing crop tops requires courage, ingenuity and applying some rules, which can help us to make interesting stylisations and protect from committing a fashion faux pas.


Don’t show too much

It is the first, basic rule. The whole bare belly should be exposed on a beach, when we sunbathe in bikini. Crop tops should not be combined with low waist jeans trousers and skirts. Trousers with high waist make the legs look much longer and slender, and the crop top enhances this effect. Showing a small piece of our skin makes the whole stylisation fashionable and striking but not tacky.

Do you want to wear a crop top? Cover the legs!


If we decide to bare the belly, we should cover the legs. As it was with the previous advice, the point is that we play with our proportions and benefit from that. We want to add lightness and make our figure look taller. Crop tops look great when they are combined with a maxi skirt. Petite women, by adding high-heeled shoes, in the blink of an eye can give the impression of being much taller.

Always take a jacket or a cardigan


It does not matter how good you feel wearing a crop top – during the day there can be a moment when you need to cover yourself. That is why you should always take a jacket or a cardigan. You don’t have to worry what to do when you feel cold or uncomfortable.

Wearing the crop top is a challenge. You should have a flat belly and feel brave enough to show it. Of course, it is not suitable for every occasion – for example, baring a belly at work can be risky. But the crop top is fantastic during summer walks, trips, parties or festivals. As with every other item of clothing we have to remember that the most important thing is to create an interesting and coherent stylisation. Our appearance depends on how we feel, so it is really good to wear clothes reflecting individual style and character.


Małgorzata Ciorgoń

copywriter, content manager

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