Jeans shirt – not only for a cowboy!

Once, men’s jeans shirt was associated with cowboys, who combined shirt with trousers made of the same material, a belt with a huge buckle and a stetson. Certainly, the whole might impress somebody in a country club but in different circumstances it would rather meet with a negative reaction. However, for a couple of years jeans shirt more often appears not only in urban stylizations but also on the catwalks. Famous fashion designers propose more elegant approach to the matter. Thanks to it, we have a chance to show how we can use jeans shirt in various ways.


In its refreshed version, adapted to the urban fashion, jeans shirt has a fitted cut, interesting accessories (bugles, colourful seams, imprints), wipes and discolourations referring to the vintage clothing. Recently, the jeans shirt was presented in another, more elegant version. Again, it is a slim fit shirt but made of darker, plain denim, without any accessories. As it turned out, such shirt can be worn with a jacket and a tie.

The type of denim a shirt is made of is a very important issue. It should be thin enough to allow our skin to breathe freely. Nowadays, we can easily find shirts made of material with basis weight lower than that in denim used for making trousers. They are as comfortable as cotton shirts.

If we put our shirt together with suitable accessories and clothes, we do not have to worry that wearing jeans shirt makes us look like a Texan redneck. The cardinal rule is to avoid wearing a jeans shirt together with trousers of material of the same shade and texture. Below we present three most fashionable stylisations with men’s jeans shirt playing a major role.



The most secure combination is that of men’s jeans shirt and a pair of chinos. It is a way of changing a standard, where jeans is a piece of clothing worn on the lower part of the body.
We can choose chinos in shades of colours beige and brown which very naturally harmonize with jeans. However, we can also create a very interesting combination with a trousers in an intensive colour.
In this stylisation, the men’s jeans shirt can be in a shade of light, washed out jeans as well as in shade of darker jeans. What is most important is that the shade of shirt cannot intermingle with the colour of trousers.
General rules concerning wearing a jeans shirt are similar to those concerning casual, woollen shirts. If we want to wear our shirt buttoned up, we have to remember to undo two buttons at the neck. It can be tucked into trousers but then it is necessary to add a belt with a bigger buckle (without exaggeration).
Men’s jeans shirt looks very good also when it is unbuttoned. Underneath the shirt we can put on a T-shirt – plain or with an interesting imprint. It is better not to put on a stripped T-shirt or with any other pattern. We will look more laid-back by rolling shirt sleeves up to the elbow.


As it was mentioned before, the ‘total jeans’ stylisation can be associated with cowboys and country music. However, if we properly put together upper and lower garment (both made of denim), we can avoid such comparison, and additionally we can create quite fashionable combination. The trick is to put those two elements together but with a strong contrast. It means that when choosing light shirt with some wipes we should add dark blue plain trousers.


Jeans shirt can be worn not only in summer but also in cooler months. It is enough to add a cardigan, which will not only be useful but will also make our stylisation more elegant. In such combination the shirt should be tucked into trousers and buttoned up to the neck. If we unbutton upper buttons, we can also roll shirt sleeves up to the elbow to achieve complete harmony. In case of a little longer, unbuttoned cardigan, the shirt can be worn outside the trousers. It is important to remember that the shirt cannot be longer than the cardigan because the whole may look scruffy. We can add chinos or straight leg jeans, preferably in dark, plain colour to match the whole.



Lately, elegant and half-elegant stylisations with men’s jeans shirt became very popular. Matching this material with formal suits can be extremely risky but in combination with casual jacket jeans shirt looks very good. What is interesting is that stylisations can be made of jackets from thick cloths, like tweed or cashmere, as well as from soft linen or cotton. The shirt should always be very thin. In this stylisation we have to give up wipes and ornaments. We can add knit tie or less formal bow tie.



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