The great comeback of leather skirts!

Leather skirts have taken the world of fashion. Probably no one today can imagine a fashion show without leather skirts, at least in a secondary role. Both long and short, close-fitting and flared – all types are extremely fashionable and are an immensely important element in the latest trends. Therefore, if you have not equipped yourself with this piece of clothing yet, catch up with the trend! What colours and cuts will be the most fashionable this season and where to purchase them? You can read about it in the article.


Which cut of a leather skirt should you choose?

Leather skirts are, contrary to appearances, extremely practical. First of all, they can be worn practically with any type of outfit. Secondly: they come in numerous different cuts and types:

  • close-fitting, pencil skirts – they highlight long fit legs as well as create a slim waistline.
  • flared, ending above the knees or slightly below the knees – they create the hourglass body shape and highlight slim calves.
  • close-fitting mini or mini with a frill – extremely feminine, they perfectly highlight slim and long legs.
  • flared calf-length skirts – they will be perfect for women with long legs. However, it does not mean that other ladies should forget about this type of cut. It will be enough to wear tights and pumps matching the colour of the skirt. In such a way they will be able to achieve a unified effect.


With what elements should you combine a leather skirt?

Leather skirts can be combined with numerous elements of clothing. Practically in each stylisation they are on the leading edge, they catch attention, and they are a strong and vibrant element of the outfit. Owing to leather skirts, we can achieve diversified effects:

  • delicate, feminine, romantic – in order to achieve this effect it is enough to use the following accessories:
  • leather pencil skirt
  • block heel pumps or knee-high boots
  • shirt with a frill or a plain one in pastel colours
  • jacket or women’s vest with a belt at the midsection (a fashion hit this season)
  • accessories – leather gloves, a hat, golden bracelets
  • rock style
  • leather pencil skirt or mini
  • black tights
  • high-heeled pumps or biker boots
  • button shirt
  • studded bracelet
  • studded purse
  • school outfit
  • leather pencil skirt or flared skirt
  • jersey sweater
  • jodhpur boots
  • large bag
  • bracelets, long chain necklace
  • workplace outfit
  • leather pencil skirt
  • white ruffle shirt
  • flat knee-high boots or pumps
  • vest or jacket with leather insertions
  • large ring
  • small leather clutch purse
  • evening outfit
  • leather skirt: pencil, with a frill, flared, mini
  • elegant short-sleeve blouse with adornments
  • small clutch purse
  • high heels
  • large ring, earrings


As you can see leather skirts are one of the most practical elements of clothing. By using them we can achieve any type of outfit – from a very romantic one to a rock look with an edge. The use of leather skirts in stylisations is currently one of the most important trends, therefore it is worth considering purchasing these elements of clothing. Where to purchase leather skirts? If you want to purchase good quality and unique models – it is worth checking the offer prepared by fashion designers. Their projects will please everyone who appreciates originality, stylishness as well as… creative solutions.


Małgorzata Ciorgoń

copywriter, content manager

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