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It inherited the love of loose cuts from the hippie movement, it took the ease from the surfers, and it modelled itself on the artistic bohemia as far as the fabulous patterns are concerned. Boho style, whose name comes also from the aforementioned artistic bohemia, combines all of those characteristic features and adjusts them to the innovative urban chic. It is sometimes unfairly associated with a messy appearance. However, in fact, it requires a lot of imagination as well as the ability to combine a number of elements, which are seemingly ill-fitting. The utmost important rule defining the idea behind boho style goes as follows: “the most important thing is how you wear it, not what you wear.”


The name of boho style comes from the word bohemianism, which was used during the 19th century in order to refer both to individuals as well as to their peculiar lifestyle. These were people endowed with artistic talents, therefore actors, musicians, painters, and writers. Rarely did they earn much, despite being talented. Thus, they were characterised by poverty, which made their lifestyle similar to the Gipsies. Their outfits were also modelled on the Gipsies – they were ideally reflecting their sensitive and artistic personalities.


Mariella Burani, an Italian fashion designer, is commonly considered to be the queen of boho style. She herself was brought up in an indigent family. However, during her childhood she had contact with well-dressed children from affluent families. This contrast became an inspiration for her to design in a style which would be a combination of the way of dressing of dignified ladies strolling around the family town as well as the way of dressing of hard-working women, who spent whole days working on the fields. Her innate sense of aesthetics, spontaneity of creations, sensitivity to colour as well as the accidental meeting with Peter Lindbergh, a photographer, brought her immense success in the fashion world. Each of her outfits had elements characteristic of the designer’s individual style but also clearly presented the inspiration with the colourful artistic bohemia. Boho style presented by Burani is, first and foremost, connected with all long flared skirts and dresses made of sheer and patterned fabric as well as shawls, frilled shirts, and colourful tunics.


Celebrities, who fell in love with the fact that the style was highlighting femininity as well as enabled a lot of freedom in the outfits, had immense influence on the popularity of boho style. Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, coming from Britain and known for their impeccable taste, became the ambassadors of the gipsy chic. They marvelled at the originality, freshness, and exceptionality of the style, which allowed to create outstanding combinations of glamour and vintage clothes.

Boho style requires from us artistic invention as well as the ability to combine the seemingly different elements so that they create a coherent whole together. Playing with fashion is advisable in this case, and even desirable.

The typical fabrics characteristic of this style are, first and foremost, paper-thin cotton and linen. Patterns and prints come from the inspiration with exoticism and folk art. Ethnic details, intricate embroidery, fluttering fringe as well as vibrant colours are advisable in this style.


Clothes which will enable us to create boho outfit are:
– long sheer skirts and dresses,
– fur and denim vests,
– colourful tunics,
– folk blouses and shirts,
– washed-out and frayed jeans.

All types of accessories and additional embellishments will be crucial in the creation of boho style. The fabrics and materials used in this type of stylistics are, first and foremost, wood, suede as well as full grain leather. What counts is naturalness which can be associated with the folk tradition. Jewellery should be extremely large, heavy, and colourful depicting original shapes and patterns. Therefore, an ideal choice here will be handmade artistic jewellery.

The most characteristic accessory in boho style is a hat with an extremely ample brim. However, this type of hat cannot be worn on a daily basis. It can be easily combined with a different type of headwear, classic fedora or a shoal tied on the top of our head.


The boho style accessories are also original bags made of genuine leather or other natural materials. These can be both large sacks embellished with a fringe as well as rigid doctor’s bag purses made of felt with colourful prints. The most important element is that the whole outfit should be coherent and ought to stand out with the fantasy of the gipsies, the ease of the surfers as well as the freedom characteristic of the hippie movement – all of these elements will be appreciated by most woman!

Małgorzata Ciorgoń

copywriter, content manager

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