Fashionable men’s clothes in the style of Leo diCaprio

From many years Leonardo diCaprio has been regarded as one of the most handsome actors and women all over the world hanker for him looking at his photos and posters. However, not only his natural beauty but also his style and careful selection of items of clothing are responsible for the magnetism of this great actor. Thanks to it he always looks like a self-confident gentleman, ready to win next women’s hearts. It’s worth analysing the phenomenon of Leonardo diCaprio and think about getting fashionable men’s clothes in the style of Leonardo diCaprio.

Fashionable men’s clothes in the style of Leo diCaprio.

There’s no denying that Leonardo is a fan of classics which never fails. He attends premieres, prize giving ceremonies and other special events always dressed in a stylish, black suit with a narrow lapels. He chooses fitted but not too tight jackets. He doesn’t like suits with embellishments and that is why he unwaveringly chooses traditional tailoring. A white, buttoned shirt completes such classic stylisation.

Choosing everyday clothes Leonardo diCaprio picks those which are comfortable and casual but elegant at the same time. His everyday fashionable men’s clothes are straight leg, navy blue jeans and a white, brown or black polo T-shirt. Apart from that, the actor has a big collection of jackets in various styles which he wears depending on an occasion. However, one of his favourites is a simple, midnight blue, zip-up jacket.

Leonardo diCaprio is a heavily involved supporter of movements aimed at environmental protection and that is why he pays attention to the materials that previously mentioned fashionable men’s clothes are made from. The actor seeks natural materials, mainly cotton and linen. For him it is important to buy clothes made with respect for fair trade rules.

Shoes in the style of Leonardo diCaprio

To suits Leonardo adds formal shoes of high quality. Most often these are brown or black Oxford shoes and in case of a less formal outfit he chooses Derby shoes. When he doesn’t need to look very elegant he gladly changes his formal shoes and puts on something more practical. He loves black tennis shoes and brown moccasins. As a lover of a healthy lifestyle, Leonardo has number of various types of sport shoes in his wardrobe.

Accessories in the style of Leonardo diCaprio

Leonardo’s fashionable clothes are complemented by tasteful accessories. His evening stylisations are completed by a symbol of a classic elegance – a black tie or bow tie. On an everyday basis he uses accessories that help him to hide from intrusive paparazzo. But black sunglasses also emphasise his impeccable style. He usually chooses a pair of aviator sunglasses which brings to mind one of his roles. He really loves peaked caps which are not only camouflaging elements but also express his love to basketball. Leonardo is a great fan of Los Angeles Makers.

Hair in the style of Leonardo diCaprio

One of the strongest points in Leonardo diCaprio’s appearance is his hair. As a teenager, who became famous thanks to his great roles at the side of such brilliant actors as Robert deNiro or Johnny Depp, Leonardo charmed with his blond hair arranged in a swashbuckling way. His hair has always been long enough that he could easily brush them off his forehead. Now Leonardo has hair shorter than in youthful years but he still wears casual hairstyles. Achieving such effect demands getting hair cut by a good hairdresser and styling them at home with the use of hair mousse and gel.



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