Angelina Jolie

An Oscar winner, a volunteer in numerous charity projects, a mother of seven, a partner of one of the most handsome men alive. Most men see her as an ideal woman and most women would be eager to exchange places with her. It happens due to the fact that Angelina Jolie seems to be a person who achieved spectacular success in each field of her life. Owing to that, we try to emulate her also when it comes to choosing outfits.


The actress went through a massive metamorphosis throughout her life. From a rebellious girl, who liked to shock both with her behaviour and outfit, she transformed into a mature woman, who is focused on her family life, film career as well as the fight for refugees’ rights. Once she treated clothes as a way of expressing her fierce nature by choosing mostly black, close-fitting, and provocative outfits. The love for this colour has remained but now the actress seems to put emphasis on classic dresses which make her a statuesque beauty.

What is more, it can be acknowledged that her current style is slightly conservative and lacking in fantasy. However, the truth is that the skilful choice of classic elegance which is slightly tinged with nonchalance will not let us down in any type of situation. For special occasions Angelina Jolie wears dresses with a fairly simple cut highlighting her extremely slim figure. However, these are always outfits which stand out with their high-quality material, interesting cuts, and perfect finish. The actress frequently chooses long dresses with geometrical lines which lack any type of embellishments or which are ornamented with only one strong element. Angelina also prefers a more male version of an evening outfit, however, neither an elegant jumpsuit nor a tight-fitting suit do not take away her femininity. Apart from black colour, the film star opts for white, grey, and beige colours. However, sometimes she wears a dress in an immensely juicy colour, most often in red or green.

A similar colour scheme characterises Angelina Jolie’s everyday outfits. The actress leads an active lifestyle which requires comfortable and practical clothes. Therefore, her favourite set is a black tank top as well as a pair of tight-fitting skinny jeans. Truth be told, owing to the great magnetism of her personality, the film star will always look amazing even in such a simple stylisation.

Another element of wardrobe with which we might associate Angelina Jolie is a fantastic coat. When it gets colder, the actress wears a coat from her large collection of bright elegant pieces. However, when she wants to add a bit of fashion zest, she chooses one in leopard print or an ultra-sexy leather coat.


For galas and award ceremonies Angelina Jolie reserves her high pumps in nude colour. The actress is aware of the fact that this type of shoes has got an extremely beneficial influence on woman’s legs by optically elongating them. Another type of elegant footwear in which we can see her is peep toe pumps. Similarly as in the case of Angelina’s evening outfits, her shoes refer to the classic elegance both when it comes to the cut and when it comes to the colour scheme. On the other hand, for everyday strolls with children the active mother wears comfortable flats and when the temperature decreases – knee-high boots with a flat and thicker sole.


Angelina Jolie surely does not belong to the group of film stars who enjoy promenading with new purses, accessories, or very expensive jewellery. It is the other way round, her accessories are always simple, subtle, and rather inconspicuous. If she wears jewellery, she always chooses only one strong accent.

When it comes to purses, she is faithful to a number of favourite models. Owing to the active lifestyle, she needs a large and practical shoulder bag in which she will be able to keep all essential products. Such requirements are fulfilled both by more elegant doctor’s bag purses and by casual sack purses.


Angelina Jolie was able to find a happy medium between a natural appearance and a polished make-up highlighting all of the assets of her face. Owing to that, she is always able to look glamour, regardless of the occasion. Again, the actress does not exaggerate with excessive stylisations and holds on to the well-tried patterns as well as classic elegance. The tricks which she employs are not overtly difficult to emulate, however, they require some practice and accuracy.

When applying make-up, the actress always focuses on her eyes which are her great asset. However, it does not mean that she applies a large number of cosmetics. By scrutinising her photos closely, we can spot a precise line of eyeliner as well as eye shadows which she skilfully combines with her skin colour. Angelina frequently chooses eye shadows with slight glossiness, which brightens up her eyelid and optically enlarges her eye.

Angelina’s large lips are also her great asset but the actress seldom uses strong colours to highlight them. She always chooses a lipstick in a colour which is close to her own natural shade with creamy and slightly glossy texture.


The times when Angelina Jolie experimented with her hairstyles are long gone. For many years her hair has been long and the colour has been changing only slightly. Usually, it is warm chocolate brown with delicate lighter highlights. For various events and other official occasions she wears her hair down and slightly wavy. This sexy effect can be achieved by applying hair mousse through the base of our hair. Afterwards, we ought to part it into two sections – the lower section and the upper section. Having clipped the upper section, we ought to blow-dry the lower section of our hair and straighten it by using a brush. During the blow-drying of the other section, we ought to separate consecutive strands of hair and delicately curl them as well as raise them at the base.




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