Men’s fashion in the style of Brad Pitt

Most women will surely agree that Brad Pitt could wear a penance bag and still look dazzlingly handsome. Fortunately for women and unfortunately for men, this American actor is well-acquainted with the topic of style and can dress to look even better. However, instead of grumbling about the genes, which are incomparable to the idol’s, bestowed upon us by the nature, it is worth paying attention to the way he uses the clothes, shoes, accessories, and hairstyles in order to highlight his assets.


The most important rule of dressing which seems to be followed by Brad Pitt includes not exaggerating with the stylisation. The actor always looks as if the selection of matching clothes was one of the most natural things for him. His unstudied and devoid of snobbery style creates the impression that shopping takes him less than 15 minutes. Even though creating an interesting and coherent stylisation takes slightly more time in the real world, it is worth remembering that an exaggerated look will never be cool.

On a daily basis Brad Pitt wears plain Henley t-shirts which lack patterns and prints, however, these are always made of high-quality cotton. What is more, it is frequently possible to see him wearing long sleeve t-shirts and V-neck t-shirts. This style optically elongates the neck and is excellent when it comes to highlighting a slim figure. Brad often combines this upper part of the outfit with slightly washed-out straight jeans.

However, in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans the actor surely would not make an appearance in Cannes or even during an important interview. Having been working in this field for a long period of time, Brad fully understands when he can employ a more laid-back outfit and when the situation requires him to wear a well-tailored suit. In both versions the actor follows a natural colour scheme and avoids importunate patterns. Owing to that, he always looks stylish and in a classic way. He adds a bit of character to his stylisations by using fashionable and interesting accessories.


Due to the fact that Brad Pitt is an active person who is continuously on the run, he needs comfortable and convenient shoes. Therefore, we can most often see him in sports shoes. However, colourful sneakers in patterns are not his cup of tea, because the actor is more into soft colours. He chooses shoes in black, brown, beige, or white. The same applies to his elegant shoes. In this case he also tries to avoid catching attention. Usually, these are simple Oxford shoes. He wears a more official version of lacquered formal shoes only when it comes to tailcoats.


Brad Pitt likes to diversify his neutral outfit in a natural colour scheme by using interesting accessories which always refer to the latest trends in fashion. Owing to that, the actor achieves what is commonly acknowledged as a real success – he stays faithful to his own style and, at the same time, he is fashionable and modern.

First and foremost, he never shows in public without his sunglasses. He owns a real collection: from aviator classic, to old-school wayfarers, to really funky John Lennon sunglasses with colourful lenses as well as glasses resembling the vision of the future. Owing to the fact that he can excellently match them with the rest of his stylisation, the whole outfit acquires an individual character.

The actor also likes cotton and light scarves which he loosely drapes around his neck. On the other hand, for special occasions he wears a bow tie which he seems to prefer over a tie. Brad is also a lover of various types of headwear. On a daily basis he hides under a large cap or a flat cap. On the other hand, he likes to complement a more official look with hats and his favourite type is the classic fedora.








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