Men’s fashion in the style of Ryan Gosling

A combination of classical elegance of Hollywood actors from the 1950s and laid-back nonchalance of modern hipster. This is how in a few words we can describe men’s fashion in the style of Ryan Gosling. He is one of the most famous actors of the younger generation and he has a gift for creating interesting stylisations, which appear to be totally unaffected and which perfectly match his personality and nature. So, it comes as no surprise that he reigns supreme on all lists of the best dressed men. Women love him, men try to imitate him. Below we present some hints that may be useful when creating stylisations inspired by this Canadian actor.

Men’s fashion in the style of the star

Ryan Gosling’s wardrobe can be divided into two parts. The first one may consist of very casual, everyday clothes. In the second one we would find well-cut suits, which the star puts on attending film premieres, parties and interviews.

Simple, V-neck T-shirt, usually without any imprints and ornaments is a basic element of Ryan Gosling’s casual stylisations. He often combines it with denim or fabric trousers. Ryan has an impressive collection of leather jackets which can be useful on cooler days.

Looking at his photographs, we can conclude that in situations when he really doesn’t care about being elegant, Ryan chooses casual clothes such as hooded sweatshirts. Their chief asset is that they allow him to pull the hood low over his eyes and hide from the nosy paparazzi. His everyday outfits are characterized by minimalism, also on the matter of colours. He feels well wearing browns, beige, grey and black. Like James Dean, to whom he is often compared, Gosling is a great fan of white T-shirts.

Gosling’s elegant style means well-cut suits in quite non-obvious colours. Although the actor values clothes in classic dark blue and black, he often chooses more remarkable colours, such as green, claret, or blue. He evidently likes glossy, fitted suits of velvet, that is a fabric which emphasises his slim, fit figure. To this modern look Ryan adds traditional, snow-white shirt.

A satin jacket with seams and a golden scorpion on the back, which Ryan wore in the film Drive, went down in history of film costumes. It was designed by Erin Benach and made for the sake of the film.

Shoes in the style of Ryan Gosling

Ryan’s everyday stylisations are characterised by comfort and nonchalance. That is why he combines his favourite T-shirts and jeans with comfortable leather shoes. Most often they are black or brown, worn-out, rarely tied up. On the red carpet he appears in more stylish and slightly crazy shoes. Apparently, the costumes Ryan wore on the set of Gangster Squad encouraged him to seek inspirations in men’s fashion from the 1930s. Many times he was seen wearing oxford shoes like from the times of Al Capone.

Accessories in the style of Ryan Gosling

Not only Ryan’s clothes but also accessories and jewellery he chooses are characterised by minimalism. He avoids gaudy ornaments and strongly coloured elements. He likes classic and formal wristwatches on leather straps, of brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox. He often wears brown trouser belt, with an unobtrusive buckle. His favourite well-cut suits are completed with skinny ties or bow ties.



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