Pin-up Girl style – the essence of femininity

This style emphasises positive aspects of woman’s figure, in sophisticated way highlights sexuality and gives opportunity to play with clothes and accessories. The pin-up Girl style, from over fifty years helps women to charm men with clothes. It allows women to feel beautiful and triggers natural sex appeal. No wonder that the Pin-up Girl style still gains numbers of admirers and is still in fashion.

The history of the Pin-up Girl style

The Pin-up Girl style comes from USA and its origins go back to the turn of the 1940s and 1950s. At that time there was a law banning production and spreading pornography, so pictures of beautiful women in sexy poses and skimpy bikini started appearing on post cards, which were easy to hand over and collect. Men pinned them to the walls and that is where the name Pin-up Girls comes from.

Although at the beginning the Pin-up Girl style was inextricably connected with eroticism, there was none vulgar. Women assuming provocative poses were usually wearing sexy lingerie which nicely emphasised positive aspects of the figure but did not bare as much as it can be observed nowadays. Very often, women were photographed dressed in corsets and stockings with garters which were the essence of this style. Also, very popular were photo sessions with women dressed up as cowgirls, nurses or strict teachers.

But Pin-up Girl style is not only a lingerie. It is everything what was in fashion in the 1950s and matched this romantic-seductive style. The perfect body shape was that of an hourglass, which was marvellously highlighted by dresses and skirts – those flared at the bottom as well as pencil skirts, perfectly hugging women’s thighs and buttocks.

One of the most famous Pin-up Girls was Bettie Page and she is the one whom this style owes a lot. The model started posing quite early. Her adventure with Pin-up Girl style started when her photos got attention of a publisher of erotic magazines, Robert Harrison. She starred in erotic films and in S&M films. Her nude photo sessions appeared in the early numbers of Playboy.


Pin-up clothes

The Pin-up Girl look is associated mainly with femininity and sexiness. The clothes should emphasise positive aspects of woman’s figure, so garments like baggy sweaters, loose trousers and blouses do not match this style. Clothes should be fitted but not too tight and tacky.

An item of clothing most characteristic of the Pin-up Girl style is flared skirt. Fitted in waist and flared below helps to make impression that we have a perfect hourglass body shape. However, if you don’t like this type of skirt, the Pin-up Girl style offers also well-fitting pencil skirts and high waist shorts. Corset tops, crop tops and shirts tied around the hips match them very well. It is essential to keep everything in correct proportions.

Typical of this style are red colour and polka-dotted fabrics. Other colours that can be used when completing an outfit in Pin-up Girl style are dark blue, black, yellow and pink. On the matter of patterns, we can also pick floral or animal patterns.


Dita von Teese, an actress and a model, is regarded as a modern ambassador for the Pin-up Girl style. Her variations on this style contributed to forming a more modern version of this style, distinguished by predacity and even greater awareness of one’s own femininity. Thanks to Dita, corsets are in fashion again, and due to the fact that they are very carefully made, they bring to mind works of art. It should be stressed that luxury lingerie always occupied special place in Pin-up Girl’s wardrobe.

Accessories in Pin-up Girl style

The best complements of Pin-up Girl style are accessories and the most important are high-heeled or platform shoes. They add more character to the whole stylisation but above all they make legs look longer and slimmer. And, let’s not delude ourselves… in such shoes our bottom looks fantastic. At present, there are many versions of the Pin-up Girl style, from ones with sweet polka-dotted shoes with bows to those with ultra-sexy red high-heels.


Other accessories are chiefly small case bags to carry in one’s hand and clutch bags. Big, tote bags don’t match this style. But the jewellery can be big and garish. It depends on the version of the style that we choose – innocent and sweet or extravagant and sexy – we can select from various motifs. A girlish version is the one with flowers, hairbands, earrings and necklaces with cherries, hearts and marine patterns. Following the example of Dita, we can add a bandanna, or jewellery with a motif of skulls to make the whole stylisation more varied.


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